Hey, I thought Iconoid was free!

Iconoid is Free!   Donations are completely voluntary.

You don't need to send anything to use the program.  If you send cash, that helps cover the bills and that is fantastic!

So why should I donate cash?



OK, but how much should I donate?

Whatever amount you want to.

Past donations have been from about $3 to $50. It really depends on how guilty you feel for keeping me away from my wife so I can work on this while I live on a diet of caffiene and stale cookies.

Think about it this way; for $10, I can go out for a drink with my wife. If you like Iconoid enough to buy me a couple of pints, donate $10. Some other values to think about?

$5 I can eat a sandwich smothered in raw chili peppers (Mmmmmm).
$8 I can take my wife out for some really good frozen custard
$10 A couple of pints of Guinness
$14 Dinner for the wife and me at the local pig-out burrito place. Extra hot sauce. Habaneros. Mmmmmm
$25 Dinner at a halfway decent place. But they better have hot sauce!
$1,000 A lifetime supply of hot sauce and hot peppers (Granted, it may be a short life!)
$1,000,000 I can retire immediately.


Whatever it is worth to you is, well..., what it is worth to you.
If you want to donate then buy me a beer, or help me retire. The choice is yours. I appreciate any contributions -- and Thank you!