Old Iconoid releases

The contents here are not meant for public consumption but you are free to take them if you'd like.

The license contained within the installation texts still applies.

Name                      Last modified      Size  Description
Iconoid321-sourceOnly.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:55 100K Iconoid330-sourceOnly.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:55 132K iconoid315.zip 24-Sep-2006 01:46 372K iconoid234.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:55 498K iconoid351.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:56 572K iconoid332.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:56 576K iconoid380.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:57 589K iconoid386.zip 05-Jul-2013 00:57 590K iconoid385.zip 03-Feb-2007 19:12 602K iconoid341.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:56 620K iconoid372.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:57 644K iconoid382.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:58 708K iconoid350.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:56 723K iconoid381.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:58 728K iconoid384.zip 03-Dec-2005 16:13 738K iconoid383.zip 26-Nov-2005 00:28 740K iconoid370.zip 31-Aug-2005 22:57 792K